June 29, 2011

The Benefits of Drip Irrigation

There are many benefits to using a dripping irrigation system. With a tough economy and droughts in some areas, micro irrigation systems are becoming more and more popular. Drip watering systems save money by using less water. Water drip systems can even be connected to an existing underground sprinkler system. If you have a conventional in-ground lawn irrigation system, you can easily convert it to a water-conserving dripper system. By removing sprinkler heads from sprinkler risers, you can use adapters to attach drip manifolds and connect drip tubing to each port.
If you do not have an existing water sprinkler system, you can easily connect a drip system to a standard garden hose spigot. With a hose faucet connected drip water system, you can provide your lawn and garden areas with much needed water. With a hose faucet drip watering system, you can automate your drippers and easily have an efficient garden watering system that saves money and conserves water.
Drip irrigation is a wonderful way to keep your lawn and gardens looking beautiful and staying healthy while keeping money in your wallet. Install an Orbit drip system for your yard and enjoy lush plants and flowers.Share


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