August 10, 2011

Automating Your Drip Irrigation System with a Hose Faucet Timer

Use a hose faucet watering timer.
Drip watering has become a newer trend among homeowners who are trying to save money in this difficult economy. One more way to help save money and conserve water is to use a watering timer to automate a water drip system. Many drip systems are installed on a standard garden hose spigot and hose faucet watering timers are ideal for automating these types of micro irrigation systems.
Automatic irrigation controllers allow you to set drip sprinkling times, watering durations and intervals without having to go outside and do it manually. You can free yourself from the hassle of attending to your garden watering with a hose faucet water timer.
Automatic water emitters save money.
Essentially, your dripping irrigation system can become even more effective than it already is in saving you money and conserving water with dripper automation.
Automatic micro sprinkler systems are ideal for areas with arid climates. They allow water to penetrate directly to the source without evaporation that occurs with traditional lawn sprinklers.
Drip watering is perfect for watering gardens, potted plants, hanging flower baskets and flower beds. If you are ready to make the conversion to an Orbit drip irrigation system, be sure to consider using a drip system timer to automate watering.


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