August 19, 2011

Hardscaping can Reduce Water Usage

Create an area for a fire pit in your yard
If you are looking to conserve water and live a "greener" life when it comes to your yard, you may want to consider hardscaping as an option in your landscaping efforts. There are many different forms of hardscaping from rock gardens to brick paver patios.
Rather than having large areas of grass, clover or large flower beds, creating a sidewalk and patio in your yard can add form and function as well as help save water. Installing a barbecue area or fire pit can also add to the aesthetics of your yard while reducing the ground cover or areas that need to be watered.
Eco-friendly living entails many different aspects from recycling to saving wherever you can. Conserving water is yet another way to be kinder to the environment and your wallet and hardscaping can help you achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Make sure sprinklers are free of debris
For the areas of your yard where you do need to water, it is important to have an effective automatic sprinkler system. You can achieve water conservation with a lawn irrigation system that runs on an automatic irrigation controller and that uses pipes and sprinkler heads that are free of debris and grit. Also, using recycled water to run through your water sprinklers can help you achieve a more earth-friendly lifestyle.
By using hardscape materials like outdoor patios and gazebos as well as rock gardens and having an efficient Orbit sprinkler system, you can conserve water, save money and allow the environment to thrive more fully.


Phil Goold is a retired landscaper of 30 years. He loves being outside more than anything else, except maybe pie. He enjoys connecting with other landscapers and gardeners because everyone brings something new and fun to the table. Connect with Phil on Twitter and Google+.

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