September 21, 2011

Broken Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler heads can break any number of ways, but no matter what, it is always an inconvenience that must be dealt with right away.
Sometimes the blade of your lawn mower bust the top of a sprinkler head, or you might have run into an above ground sprinkler and snapped the sprinkler head at the riser leaving a peace of the plastic inside the PVC. Whatever it is, don't panic. There is a simple solution.

Replacing a broken sprinkler head

We understand that there are many different situations that can come with a broken sprinkler head. You might be able to repair the sprinkler head, otherwise, you will have to replace the entire part. Here is a video that you should find helpful:

Be sure to use Orbit Sprinkler Heads for any and all your sprinkler head replacement needs!

Removing threaded sprinkler riser broken in or at the PVC Pipe

If you're lucky, instead of dealing with a broken sprinkler head, you might have only snapped the riser that the sprinkler head sits on. Commonly, the riser will snap at the PVC pipe leaving a portion inside the PVC that is impossible to unscrew with your hands or even a pair of pliers.

What You'll Need

Stub-Wrench Sprinkler Riser or, Nipple Extractor

Some people call them stub-wrenches, other people call them riser or nipple extractors. They are all one in the same. It's a tool that fits perfect in the middle of the broken riser and makes for easy removal.
Nipple Extractors save you the time it takes to remove and replace any PVC piping. For a few bucks you can have the broken riser removed and the sprinkler head back in it's original spot with ease.


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