April 13, 2012

100 Garden and Landscaping Masters

My favorite part about being a part of the online garden and landscaping community is the people. I have grown to know such kind and extraordinary people by getting involved with #gardenchats, garden blogs, forums, and more. And the coolest thing about gardening is that everyone brings something unique and fun to the table. No gardener is better than the other. Some have more Twitter followers, sure. Maybe they're more entertaining or socially active, but all gardeners share a passion for things that grow. And that is what's most important. So I wanted to recognize my top 100 garden and landscaping experts that are active with their online profiles whether it be Twitter or a blog. I love learning from all of these people and invite you to follow them for more updates!

Here they are!

Todd Heft Stuart Robinson Mike Lieberman Cliff Doug Green Christopher Tidrick Steven Habib Graham Rice Steven Coyne MrBrownThumb Erik Keller Chris VanCleave Roger Doiron Soil Man Dave Townsend Tim Matcham Bruce Bailey Wade Werner Chad B Mike Noel Kingsbury Estelle Hayes Organic Gardens Network Jenn Hammer Teresa Amy Stewart Annie's Annuals Arcadia1 Bren (BG_Garden) Brown Thumb Mama Susy Morris Compost King Carolyn Binder Cristina da Silva Charlotte Germane Green Gardener Diana Prichard Dirt & Martinis Shirley Bovshow Ewa Szulc Stacy Walters Leona Fran Sorin Stevie Susan Harris Monica Milla (Garden Faerie) Geri Laufer GardenMentor Garden Mom Katie Elzer-Peters Garden Rant Lisa Gustavson Grasshopper Lawns GreenSoil Grocery Garden The Growers Exchange Growing Spaces Grow Veg Elizabeth Licata Heather's Garden IndyGardener Laura Schaub Jean Ann VanKrevelen Karen Sumek High Altitude Garden (Kate) Kathy Purdy Katie Ketelsen Amanda Thomsen (KissMyAster) Leigh from Larrapin Fern Richardson Margaret Roach Michelle Gervais Miriam Goldberger Jenny Peterson Angela Davis (MyRubberBoots) My Skinny Garden Kylee Baumle Pam Penick Maureen Decombe Laura Mathews Robert Tiberio Robin Ripley Sara Tambascio Aaron Smith Teresa O'Connor Shawna Coronado Susan Cohan Susan Hemann Susan Morrison Suzi McCoy The_RHS Linda Ly Rhonda Hayes Ivette Soler Theresa Loe Sarah Battersby Vegetable Gardener Heather Gorringe Gardening Sandie Gayla Trail (YouGrowGirl) Kristin Crouch (DeltaGardener) Benita Bowen Garden Gourmet Jessi Bloom Carol Nissen Michele Owens Blackswamp Girl (Kim) The Whimsical Gardener Chookie Kathy Tina and Skeeter Carol Sheryl - Yard Fanatic MissHathorn Joene's Garden Debra Lee Baldwin June Jeavonna Jodi (WesternGardener) Mary Pellerito Phil Nauta SafeGreenLawns Andrew Keys J-Dog

Update: You can now quickly follow these awesome gardeners by subscribing to the Twitter List of Master Gardeners that I made.


Phil Goold is a retired landscaper of 30 years. He loves being outside more than anything else, except maybe pie. He enjoys connecting with other landscapers and gardeners because everyone brings something new and fun to the table. Connect with Phil on Twitter and Google+.


  1. Why thank you Nate! Good to be in such illustrious company.

  2. Rhonda and Todd- You are very welcome! Thanks for being such awesome contributors to our community. :)

    And of course, thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Thank you! I love the community here,too.

  4. Honored to be a part of your list- thank you!

  5. I will surely follow these people. I would love to learn all about gardening and landscaping techniques. I've heard about the benefits and disadvantages of installing synthetic grass and natural grass. I hope that these people will be able to help me about proper methods of gardening and landscaping.