June 6, 2012

Above Ground Pool Deck Plans: What You Need to Know to Make your Backyard Awesome

This is a guest post from my friend, Greg. Greg works for Blue Haven Pools--one of the largest builders of swimming pools OKC has to offer. Greg has discovered a passion for landscaping and pool building and now wants to share his expertise.

Above ground pool deck plans make a backyard a wonderful get a way spot. Above ground pool deck plans are an affordable way to have fun at home. While you put in a swimming pool, think seriously about the variety of deck plans to choose from. Some things to keep in mind when choosing your pool deck are installation and pool accessories.

Partial Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are sometimes installed slightly below the surface this blends the surface of the pool into the environment and adds a more aesthetic look to the pool. When positioned at ground level the pool has a standard pool surface which gives that classic contoured look to the surrounding area. When deciding upon a deck plan this idea offers variety in style.

Install a Hot Tub

Above ground pool deck plans are very receptive to the addition of a hot tub. These units sit within their own structures or may sit below the deck. Hot tubs are a fun accessory when added to a lovely deck. The luxury of a hot tub and pool on your personal deck is something you can take pleasure in and use for years.

Wood, Not The best Choice

Wood is certainly a sturdy and gorgeous material but with an above ground pool this is not the best material to use. Pool chemicals are destructive to basic wood making mixtures of treated wood the better option. There are dozens of composite wood textures and colors that work well with above ground pool deck plans. The variation in material makes an excellent setting for an above ground pool.

These materials are chosen in an effort to stop water damage from destroying a beautiful pool area and to help your investment last for many years. The combination of plastic and recycled wood is practical for this setting and will not allow water to ruin the beauty of your home.

Another alternative to wood mixtures are vinyl materials. They are far less costly and do a good job protecting your deck from pool chemicals. The expense of wood mixtures is an alternative for homeowners prepared to make a substantial financial investment in an above ground pool deck plan. The amount of useful materials available present creative options.

The Pump

Looking around at the construction of the above ground pool, you will find the deck is elevated. This is the standard design of this pool; a high deck. A part of this system is the pool pump and finding a place to put it. Underneath the deck might be the sensible area if it is high enough and the working part of the pool is hidden from view. Builders may offers this spot as an option. These pools look good and give your family the option of staying home rather than trying to go out just to use a pool.

Relax on your deck, soak in your pool or hot tub in the privacy of your home. Above ground pool deck plans offer millions of homeowners a chance to create a backyard paradise.

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