June 1, 2012

Creating a Summer Garden on a Budget


Renovating and redesigning your garden in time for summer is a fantastic way to make the most of the sun and a perfect excuse to entertain friends and family. Having professional landscapers and gardeners take on the sizable task for you are all well and good, but this can be extremely costly and is only really an option for homeowners with a large budget.

One of the many great things about summer is that it illuminates and compliments any outdoor space, highlighting the natural elements that are present, giving the entire area an all-round ‘feel good’ vibe. This can be used to your advantage, and by sourcing a few affordable features and using natures natural vibrant colours you can create a personal summer paradise without breaking the bank.

Natural Beauty

You will struggle to find a manmade feature that yields the ability to evoke feelings similar to those that plants and flowers can. By strategically placing vibrant plants around your garden, you can create a fresh summery look with heaps of style and character. Be sure to coordinate the colours you choose, and highlight your garden’s strong points with bright, warming colours.

Separating the more ‘extreme colours’ is a good way to give your garden a more organised and ‘planned’ appearance. For example, you may wish to incorporate some deep purples and blues with flowers such as the popular Hyacinth as well as some more warming orange tones with some ‘Suttons Apricot’. Coordinating the positioning of these flowers is an affordable way to create a beautiful, stylish garden.

Affordable Furniture

There are plenty of stylish garden furniture solutions on the market for very affordable prices, and laying out a weatherproof dining table and chairs gives you the perfect excuse to host some summer dinner parties and enjoy the weather to the fullest.

Adding some well-positioned lighting around your garden can be hugely effective during those warm summer nights too. The gentle glow of solar powered garden lamps is more than enough to add that inviting atmosphere to any evening gathering, and won’t cut into your electricity bill either! These features are available at most good garden centres, so be sure to keep an eye open for a set before summer is over with!

So there we are, some simple yet useful tips to help your add stylish edge to your garden without overspending. Remember, make the most of your garden before the summer is through

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