June 25, 2012

DIY Landscaping Ideas That Can Change the Exterior Décor of Your House

Having a garden or a small piece of land in front of your house or at the backyard can enhance the beauty of your house to a great extent. But just having the land will not do. It is important that proper landscaping is done of the same. While some people prefer to give the responsibility of landscaping to commercial and professional companies, some prefer to do it with their own hands. In fact, doing the landscaping with your own hands is a good hobby and a recreation in itself. You can also keep on changing the landscaping ideas to give new looks to the garden from time to time.

Here are some simple yet interesting ideas of DIY landscaping:

Plant various kinds of flowering plants and decorative shrubs

Daylily Garden

If you want your garden to look beautiful and colorful, make sure that you have different kinds of flowering plants and decorative shrubs in the garden. These make the garden look vibrant and bright. In fact planting seasonal flower plants will keep your garden full of flowers almost all throughout the year. Different flowers grow in different seasons and have different patterns and textures. Apart from flowering plants, there are decorative and ornamental plants as well that can help in enhancing the look of the garden to a great extent.

Keeping a water area in the garden

Backyard Garden

You can create a small pond in the garden and have fresh water in it. It not only makes the place look good, but it also makes the place cool. If the space in the garden is not very large, you can also place a small water fountain in one part of the garden. The sound of the flowing water from the fountains is soothing and creates a very natural feeling. You can also place a nice lighting in close proximity to the fountain. This makes the fountain more attractive during the night.

Placing stones and small boulders to give a natural look


Various kinds of stones and boulders that are exclusively available for landscaping are sold in the market. You can buy such stones and place them at different places in the garden. This helps in making the entire setting of the garden look natural. While some can be placed near the water body in the garden; some can be placed in a manner that they can serve as a seat in the garden as well.

Keep a place in the garden where you can sit and relax

Garden Room

If you have a garden room in your house, it is quite obvious that you would like to spend some time everyday in the garden. For that, it is important that you keep a separate space in the garden where you can sit and read newspaper, books, magazines, enjoy your morning tea or a small drink in the evening and so on. Some nice chairs, a table and a large and colorful umbrella are enough to complete the look of the sitting place in the garden.

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