June 8, 2012

Should you build a Garden Room? Some Inspirational Uses

This post was written by Sarah, ex-interior designer now working for a quote comparison company providing conservatories prices on a national basis across the UK.

A garden room is a wonderful addition to your home. You can grow flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants any time of year, with no fear that a winter frost will wipe out months of hard work. In warmer climates, you could even manage to have fresh strawberries in the middle of winter. Various sizes of green houses are available on the market for purchase. You can also build one if you are handy with tools and plans. DIY stores are ready to help provide you with everything you need.

Growing plants is not the only function of a garden room.

Simply Decorate

If you don't fancy turning your garden into a place of work, you could instead just place a favorite chair, CD player or other entertainment center, a box of wine, and a small refrigerator filled with snacks inside to create an instant place for relaxation away from everything. Surround your area with favorite plants to help chase the winter blues away. A couple of sun lamps inside will help you have spring or summer light during winter’s limited sunshine.


Hang a few plants from the ceiling and create an artist’s studio - very large windows can be installed, or even a glass wall, to maximise the natural light to create the perfect environment for painting or crafts. Simply install a few shades so the garden house will not become too hot during the summer, and if you think this may be the case, look into glass which doesn't let in much heat (it does exist, but be warned - it is expensive). Now you can look outside while you work; letting nature inspire your designs. Indeed, many artists have had garden houses as studios for years.

Peace and Quiet

The garden room can be a respite for teenagers playing or practicing music. This can provide Mum and Dad with peace inside the house. As long as the aspiring musicians are not using amplifiers or speakers, and they are mindful enough to close the door, they can practice to their heart’s content. Inside the garden room, they can listen to music on CD’s or other devices. Teens need space; the garden room provides a space where they can talk and socialize. Parents know where they are and what they’re doing, but - especially with a bit of soundproofing, which is relatively cheap to install - they need not directly have to put up with all the noise!

Privacy and Fun

Mom can use a garden room for parties and ladies luncheons. Setting up a table with garden-based fare is a wonderful way to entertain guests, and could even provide an atmospheric room for delicious dinners in the summertime. Instead, what about running a book club in the garden room. While the family is inside the house, mom and her friends can talk and laugh to their heart’s content.

Home Away from Home

A garden room can also double as a camping area during inclement weather or if the family don't have the time or money to go away on holiday. Instead of a campfire, use a small, portable electric cooker or a barbeque grill outside, and fill the room with sleeping bags and bed mats for the genuine experience. A tarp hung from the side of the garden room can double as a tent or shade area that your kids will love!


Your garden room can function in a variety of ways. It can even provide storage space for extra items on a temporary or permanent basis. For use all year long, you can install lights, air conditioning, heaters and more. It is not mandatory to only use it for growing plants! A garden room can also increase the value of your property. Why not have a think about it today? Modern systems are modular and can be installed or moved very quickly, and at relatively low cost.


Phil Goold is a retired landscaper of 30 years. He loves being outside more than anything else, except maybe pie. He enjoys connecting with other landscapers and gardeners because everyone brings something new and fun to the table. Connect with Phil on Twitter and Google+.

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