June 7, 2012

Some Interesting and Hidden Advantages Obtained from Gardening

If you have a patch of land outside your home, try and utilize it in the best way possible. Not many people are lucky in having a well spread out land outside their house. Understand the importance of the land and utilize it in the best way possible. Also, understand that there are my types of gardens ranging from bird gardens to rock gardens. The most common type of garden is a vegetable garden. For a vegetable garden, clean the area of yard that you want the garden to grow and make a nice garden there. You might be thinking that making a garden will be quite a tiresome job. It is true that some efforts will definitely be needed in making the garden, but there are many advantages and benefits that are related to gardening.

Here are some of the important advantages and benefits of the same:

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A very relaxing hobby

Gardening is a popular hobby with many people. They spend lots of time in the garden every day. In fact, the hobby is quite an addictive one as well. Once you develop the knack of gardening, you will see that you will be fascinated by the garden again and again. This hobby relaxes the mind to a great extent.

Helps in reducing stress and tension considerably

Suffering from stress and tension are becoming common day by day with people in all age groups. Gardening is a great stress buster and helps in overcoming tension and anxiety very well. In fact many therapists have also recommended gardening as a therapy for patients suffering from stress, anxiety, cancer and various kinds of heart ailments and diseases.

Takes you closer to nature

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Creating a garden in front of your house will take you close to nature for sure. In the cities, there is almost no greenery left. Having a small piece of garden in the home premises will help in staying in close proximity to nature. It is not only good and beneficial for you, but also for your neighbors.

Grow high quality fruits and vegetables in the garden

Many people opine that growing flower plants in the garden are of no use apart from enhancing the beauty of the place. In that case, you can have fruit trees and vegetables planted in the garden. Use organic fertilizers in the plants, preferably compost. This will help in good production without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The crops remain healthy and there are no adverse side-effects on human beings as well.

Physical labor that helps in keeping the body fit

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Gardening is not that simple as it seems to be. Enormous physical labor is involved in the process of gardening. The land has to be prepared for the plant, seeds have to be sown, fertilizers and other medicines have to be applied to help the plants grow better and remain free from insects and pests, garden has to be watered regularly, and weeds have to be looked for and removed from time to time and so on. This is the reason that many old and retired people choose gardening as their pastime. It helps in maintaining overall well being of a person – physically, psychologically and emotionally.
Thus, gardening is effective in many ways.

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