September 30, 2014

Fall Gardening Tips

Fall can be a great time to garden. The weather is cooler and the nights are longer.

There are many things you can do to get the most out of your fall gardening season:

It may be fall, but start thinking about spring. Now is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. Hey, it gives you another reason to look forward to spring (as if there weren’t enough good reasons already). Spring-blooming bulbs need to be planted in the fall to have time to truly blossom. There are plenty of options. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses are just some of the many choices.

This is also a good time of year to move shrubs or plants that you’d like to relocate. The time to move those shrubs and plants, especially the deciduous ones, is between now and mid-October.

There are plenty of planting options for the fall. The lower temperatures are the perfect conditions for many lettuce plants. The same holds true for Brussel sprouts and kale plants. Carrots, turnips and beets do great in the fall weather.

Many areas of the country will experience some hard freezes during the fall. It’s a good idea to protect your plants from such freezes. One of the simplest methods of protection is to cover your plants with mulch or leaves. You can also use a plastic tarp or lightweight cover. A heavier cover will offer protection when the temperature drops to the mid-20’s or lower.

Check for weeds. It’s always a good idea, but it’s especially true if you are planning on planting or moving plants and shrubs.

Don’t forget to water. Just because the summer heat is gone does not mean it’s time to pack up the sprinkler system for the winter. Make sure your plants and shrubs get a regular, healthy supply of water.


Phil Goold is a retired landscaper of 30 years. He loves being outside more than anything else, except maybe pie. He enjoys connecting with other landscapers and gardeners because everyone brings something new and fun to the table. Connect with Phil on Twitter and Google+.

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