Drip Irrigation Systems

Dripper irrigation systems are water conserving and help save money. Setting up a drip watering system is relatively simple. A drip system can be installed on a regular sprinkler riser for a quick conversion or can be installed on its own.
For installing a dripping irrigation system, you need a variety of different drip sprinkler parts. A drip kit can be used or you can customize your own. To design your own micro irrigation system, there are many parts with which you should be familiar.
First, you need drip tubing to connect water emitters and drippers to distrbute water to your plants and flowers. Drip irrigation line comes in different diameters and lengths as well as with pre-drilled holes if you do not want to punch holes yourself. Porous soaker tubing can also be used.
To connect drip line to either an existing sprinkler line or to additional irrigation drip tube, you will need tubing adapters, tees and tube fittings. If you have larger areas to water, a drip system manifold is ideal. You can connect and branch multiple irrigation drip lines from one manifold.
Tubing stakes hold drip line securely in place. Dripper stakes are used to elevate the height and securely place water drippers and micro sprinklers. Emitters and micro sprayers can be installed into drip tubing. There are many different kinds of drip sprinklers from fixed to adjustable. Not only that, they are easy to install into drip tubing.
To cap off the ends of irrigation drip tube, you can use end plugs so water is not wasted. Another good way to save water is to automate your water drip system with a watering timer. If you already have an automatic sprinkler system, you can connect your new dripping irrigation system to the automatic sprinkler timer. You can also connect a water timer to hose faucet for your dripper system or you can wire a new electronic watering timer to your micro irrigation system.
Irrigation drip systems are great to help save money, conserve water and keep your yard looking beautiful. Another useful tip for conserving water in irrigation systems is to install a flow meter in order to keep track of the amount of water used.

Enjoy a lovely garden and plants with a drip system.