Guest Post

My favorite part about gardening and landscaping is that there is no limit to what can be taught, learned, shared, or created. I love seeing new and creative projects from all the wonderful members of the online gardening community.

My only concern, then, is that there are hundreds of thousands of avid gardeners and landscapers doing awesome things but are not being recognized because they lack the appropriate channels. Unless you are a Gardening Giant with thousands of Twitter followers, you have little to no voice. While some of the most popular gardeners on the web bring a lot of value to the table, there are so many other people out there with talents and ideas of their own that deserve an audience.

While I can not promise wild exposure through my blog, I do want to extend a guest blogging opportunity to everyone that would like to share their knowledge and/or experience they have had tinkering in the garden or yard.

Ground Rules

If you would like to Guest Post on Sprinkler Juice, please consider the following:
  1. Your post must be around the topics of:
    • Landscaping
    • Gardening
    • Outdoor DIY Projects
  2. Original content is mandatory. What you submit to me can not be published anywhere else on the Internet.
  3. You must not publish the content elsewhere on the Internet once it is published on my site.
  4. I prefer you include images that you own; but images are not mandatory. I will, if possible, add images of my own to your post because I feel graphics strongly increase the value of any given post (with very few exceptions).
  5. I reserve the right to edit your post, but will always run the final draft by you before publishing. I will rarely edit anything more than grammatical errors and facts.
  6. Posts that are nothing more than an advertisement for your own blog or product will be rejected. I encourage you to include links back to your site or other sites provided that they add value to the article. I rarely take out links, but reserve the right to do so.
  7. Whether you have never Guest Posted before or consider yourself an expert Guest Author, I suggest you read a few [if not all] of the following to guide you in writing a post of quality and worth.


If you are still interested in Guest Posting, you can contact me with your idea(s) at philgoold @ gmail (dot) com or via my Contact Form.

I look forward to meeting you.