June 17, 2011

Using an Automatic Timer for Your Above-Ground Sprinkler System

If you have a hose faucet watering system or lawn sprinklers connected to a garden hose spigot, you can sometimes forget to do the yard watering. You may get tired of having to schedule your day around the garden watering and your lawn and plants may be suffering due to lack of water.You can easily connect an automatic watering timer to your garden hose faucet to automate your lawn sprinklers. Hose faucet timers are easy to set up and use and can greatly benefit you and your lawn by saving you time, conserving water and keeping your garden and grass areas lush and healthy.
Hose faucet connected water timers come in several different varieties. Generally, watering timers come with one or two ports. You can leave it at that or you can install a faucet manifold with additional ports if you have more than two sprinkler zones in your lawn watering system. A single hose faucet can become an automatic multi-station sprinkler system quickly with a hose watering timer and a hose faucet manifold connected to it.
There are two main types of hose faucet sprinkler timers: battery-operated and mechanical/manual. Battery-operated water timers usually have digital or LCD displays with dials, push buttons or both that make it easy to set watering times, intervals and durations. Mechanical or manual watering timers attach to a standard water hose faucet and have a twist dial that sets watering times. Though it is called a manual timer, it does automate yard watering. A mechanical sprinkler timer does not use batteries like other common hose faucet connected water timers.
Overall, hose faucet connected automatic water timers are easy to install and operate. They allow you to customize watering times so you do not have to schedule your day around your lawn watering. Automatic sprinkler timers give you piece of mind and freedom from manually watering your yard yourself while saving you money and conserving water.
Enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of having to hand water or manually water your yard and garden. With an automatic sprinkler timer that connects to a standard hose faucet, you can have the best of both worlds.


Phil Goold is a retired landscaper of 30 years. He loves being outside more than anything else, except maybe pie. He enjoys connecting with other landscapers and gardeners because everyone brings something new and fun to the table. Connect with Phil on Twitter and Google+.

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