May 31, 2012

10 Tools Every Gardener Should Have

tools for gardeners
Have you just discovered the passion for gardening? Then you will definitely need some basic tools in the tool shed. With the right tools you will nurture a beautiful garden. Gardeners normally collect numerous tools each year. However, there are always those tools that every gardener cannot do without and the below mentioned are some of the must have gardening tools.

So here are some of the best gardening items, with them gardening will not only be simple but also enjoyable.

1. Fork

This is your soil’s best friend. They help lifting and diving perennials, loosening compacted soil, and turning compost piles. They are different than the pitchfork; since they have comparatively short wooden handle, with a “D” or “T” handle.

2. Spade and shovel

It is design for purpose of removing and digging earth. They are great for scooping out mulch or moving piles of dirt around.

3. Watering Can

It will helpful to water the plants regularly. Also, with its spray attachment you can easily remove dirt from the leaves. If you want to spray chemicals then dissolve them in water spray with the watering can.

4. Gloves

Gloves are a must to protect your hand from scrapes, scratches and getting dirt under your fingernails. They will save you from getting bitten by bugs in soil. Some plantations have thorns, like raspberries, strawberries and cactus; wear gloves and be safe.

5. Rubber boots

Every gardener should have a separate pair of rubber boots to work in the garden. This will save your house from getting bugs and soil in your house.

6. Garden scissors

Keep a handy pair of scissor in the tool shed. You will need them to trim the overgrowing vines, dried leaves or harvesting lettuce like vegetables.

7. Bucket

Its a handy multipurpose tool to collect all the weeds from the garden and take it compost. You can also collect all the dirt and rocks and carry them out of your gardener. Read The Imortance of a Garden Bucket.

8. Rake

It is helpful in removing weeds, leveling the soil, or even picking up dog poop. You can also collect all the dried fallen leaves and grass.

9. Hose

A long rubber garden hose will help you all to water all places in garden. Plastic hoses, especially less expensive ones, tend to be brittle and can be difficult to work with. Look for one with brass couplings rather than plastic; these are much more durable. A watering wand is really helpful in gentle spraying of water on seeds, saplings or small herb plants.

10. Pruning shears

Pruning shears are kind of scissors to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs. So it will help you in gentle shaping of some shrubs or remove spent foliage.

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