June 28, 2012

Tips for a Fun and Safe Gardening Experience

safe gardeningGardening has become one of the top favorite hobbies especially during perfect day- weather. It doesn’t matter if you are born with a green thumb, a professional gardener or a newbie, the rewarding experience that gardening provides along with its number of benefits are just some of the reasons why it’s so hard to say no when your backyard’s calling. But before you go out and enjoy the day planting new seeds or doing a little backyard work, make sure that all your tools are ready and all the items on your safety list are checked.

Wear sunscreen to protect your skin

A lot of people think that a cloudy day means that the sun is not out and so they tend to skip on putting sunscreen protection on their skin. Here’s the reality: even if you see it or not, the sun is always present and exposure to UV rays can greatly harm your skin. Avoid any skin problems by applying a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF level at least ten minutes before you go out. Another good way to protect your skin is by wearing sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat that will block the sun’s rays from deeply penetrating on your skin.

Organize all your garden tools

Accidents can happen even at you backyard. You might trip and fall because of a garden tool that you didn’t notice. Always remember to keep all your garden tools together; place them inside a box and have it just within you reach. Make sure to check for any signs of rust and replace tools that are already broken.

Equip yourself with protective gears

If you plan to use pesticides, invest on items that can provide you with protection against these chemicals. Read the labels and lean the proper use and handling to avoid any accidents. Use a mask as cover in order to prevent the inhalation of chemicals that might be harmful to your health.

Take it easy when lifting heavy items

Heavy lifting can cause a strain on your back and you could wind up in deep pain if this is not done correctly. If you are planning to do some major gardening, be sure to do lifting the right way: bend your knees and use the strength of you legs and not you back as you begin lifting.

Gardening as a hobby should be a fun and relaxing experience but being outside especially on a warm day can take a toll on one’s body. Keep your body hydrated at all times by drinking water constantly. Walk towards a shade or inside the house once you start to feel unwell during to the heat.

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